Kibby Welding, LLC.

Kibby Welding, LLC.


Excellence in the Oilfield

Services Offered

 Back Hoe Location Clearing

 Hydro Testing

 Hot Taps

 Pipe Threaders & Cutters

 Stainless Steel Tubing Bending

 Calibration of Pop Offs

 Move Production Units

 Roustabout Services

 Welding Services

 Rebuild Valves (KimRay & Fisher)

 Reconditioning of Equipment

 Gas Compression

 Rebuild Gas Compressors


 Knockout Tanks

 Dig in Pipelines

 Build Compressor Stations

 Repair Pipelines

 Install Pipelines


 Site Restoration's

 Specialty Fabrication 

Service References

  • Aurora Energy – (Build Compressor Stations, Pipelines, CO2 plants)
  • BreitBurn Operating – (Pipelines, Pig launchers & Receivers)
  • Cabot Oil & Gas— (Compressor stations, Specialty Fabrication)
  • Chesapeake Energy -- (12", 10", 8" Waterline to cut down on use of water trucks.)
  • DTE Energy – (Excavation, Painting, Pipeline, Specialty Fabrication, Site Restorations)
  • Hilden Oil – (Sales line, Tank Battery & Compressor Station)
  • Leather stocking - (Pipelines and Compressor Stations)
  • Leeward Construction— (Pipeline, Specialty Fabrication)
  • Mark West – (Smart Pig, Refurbish lines for Smart Pig, Repair lines, Pig Launchers &
  • Receivers)
  • Merit Energy – (Tubing coils, Burn Tubes, Tank Battery)
  • NYSEG - (Pipelines)
  • OIL Energy – (Pipelines, Compressor Stations, Build steel compressor buildings)
  • Quicksilver Resources – (Pipelines, Compressor stations, Pig Launcher & Receivers)
  • Royal Dutch Shell -- (Maintenance on Processing Plant in Michigan)
  • UGI Central Penn– (Specialty Fabrication, Pipelines, In house UGI Shop Fabrication)
  • UGI Energy - (Compressor Stations)
  • UGI Utilities - (Compressor Stations and Pipelines)(Certified UGI Welders)
  • West Bay Exploration – (Pipelines, Compressor Stations, Pig Launcher & Receivers)
  • Williams Midstream— (Specialty Fabrication, Compressor station Repairs & Maintenance, Excavation)